Graphic Design Portfolio

I’ve been doing quite a lot of graphic design work over the last few years, and have begun adding the highlights of this to a behance profile. I’ll look to add these to my website in the future but at the moment it’s a better platform for the projects which are quite vaired in style as well as standard.

Head on over to to see where it’s at.

update 2.0

So it’s been an entire year since my last update. Whoops. I’ve not been working on much outside of still working in marketing and comms. Helped set up a football team though, and have been doing some design stuff - more on that later, hopefully.

This website will be converting to and i’ll be putting more effort into updating it with bits of activity, thought pieces and general mischief.  In the last year i’ve done more design work, playing football and dabbling with video game streaming more than any specific photography, but this resembles what i’ve always been interested in - popular culture and the common experience. will be a home to my ventures and be a more pertinent platform for the work I truly care about, whether it be photography, graphics or video. I will reignite my dedication to making visual content, and put into place appropriate means to ensure a joined up approach to posting this content on all my platforms and channels.

Stay tuned.


This is the first time i’ve updated my site in a while (hence three posts in one evening). I’ve been super busy trying to be a professional boy in marketing and comms, but i’ve been slowing whittling away at a couple of projects.

I’m not going to announce anything neither am I going to put a time limit on it. But i’m enjoying them both, getting my mojo back and genuinely excited about continuing to work on them and what the results may be.

One project is rooted in architectural photography and the other is a social media project. 

Speak to you soon.


go go go karting

I went to Karting North East a few more months back, following the theme of leisure and looking for some stand out story, or at least photographing a business which used its branding and colour palette throughout its environment. I have a real thing for businesses, locations and people who do this.

The location of the facility was curious, built into the hillside of an old quarry. This gave it good cover and camouflage to its surroundings, although in the rural area which it resided i’m sure this neither hinders or benefits the business.

I met Rich, who was super informative about how the business works, the sort of clients it deals with and what the karting scene is like in the North East. I’d really like to follow this up, meet some young racers and visit some more tracks. One for the future.

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