Newcastle Pride

Super late, I think pride was back in July. But i’ve been busy so I’m sure you’ll excuse me.

In July I attended Newcastle Pride. It’s the first time I’ve come across pride in a city that I lived in (or at least the first time i’d been aware of it) and when it’s somewhere this large, it’s quite an occasion. 

Just as the cynic in me was considering how important it actually is to have a parade through the city where people line the streets to observe and cheer, a man from Nigeria approaches me to ask what was happening. He’d never come across Pride, which is a fairly regular occurrence in cities throughout the world, and was quite taken aback that gay men and women would parade openly in the street. In fact, the notion of gay women was new to him also. I like to think I put across a positive message, and sincerely hope that he didn’t take offence to the days festivities.

Although I originally intended to photograph some of the more extravagant and colourful characters, I had a much better time speaking to and engaging with the people featured here. There were plenty of people with expensive cameras and more expensive lenses photographing as if on safari, from a distance and with fingers firmly pressed on the shutter. 

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