FORMAT festival is upon us! As well as exhibiting, I have been working as an Intern with FORMAT. The festival runs from 13th March - 12th April in Derby, UK. Last weeks opening was fantastic, and such a unique experience. I was proud to be a part of a small and incredibly dedicated team, who work ridiculous hours around the clock to put on an incredible festival. The small number of organisers is not evident when you visit the festival and admire everything that’s been put on.

Highlights this week have included the Photobook Market (managed by myself), talk by David Campany (writer of The Open Road) and numerous after parties amongst the finest individuals in the world of contemporary photography.

For more on FORMAT, visit www.formatfestival.com


I’ve been working with Hot Mess Clothing lately for a handful of photo shoots. Not my usual thing but definitely a great experience, meeting wonderful people and visiting some excellent places. Here are a few photographs, they launch their new line tomorrow which I photographed.

Just to note, I didn’t work with an assistant. All lit myself, and directed by the team at Hot Mess. They’re a fantastic, young team at Hot Mess and they bring in some great models (I think the industry word is ‘talent’) which makes for a decent working environment.

Head over to Hot Mess for more information. Their Instagram is very popular, quite strange to see one of my photo’s receive over 1000 likes.

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