update 2.0

So it’s been an entire year since my last update. Whoops. I’ve not been working on much outside of still working in marketing and comms. Helped set up a football team though, and have been doing some design stuff - more on that later, hopefully.

This website will be converting to itslangham.com and i’ll be putting more effort into updating it with bits of activity, thought pieces and general mischief.  In the last year i’ve done more design work, playing football and dabbling with video game streaming more than any specific photography, but this resembles what i’ve always been interested in - popular culture and the common experience. 

itslangham.com will be a home to my ventures and be a more pertinent platform for the work I truly care about, whether it be photography, graphics or video. I will reignite my dedication to making visual content, and put into place appropriate means to ensure a joined up approach to posting this content on all my platforms and channels.

Stay tuned.

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