Week 1/4, Wakefield Residency

I am currently one of 3 artists in residency at The Art House,Wakefield. The 4-week residency is in place to offer new and emerging talent the support and facilities to develop their practice. It’s very self-orientated; I don’t necessarily have to produce an end product after 4 weeks, but it will be a bonus. I feel that the residency is really useful for my peers, who are sculptural and 3d artists, who actually require a studio space to make works. I can sit and make work anywhere on my computer.

This week specifically, I have been visiting the nearby northern areas of the peak district. I have worked in the peak district national park many times in the more southern areas, and the north is as ,if not, more spectacular. I have been making photographs with the intention to dissect and isolate certain elements of the landscape in the style of fragments 2013.The first day I went out was incredibly wet and cloudy. It wasn’t useful for that line of work, but the landscape looked incredible, shrouded in cloud and mystery. Driving through clouds, listening to Sigur Ros, then dropping downhills hidden valleys and reservoirs revealed themselves to me. Epic.

In the coming weeks, I shall be printing my work on to some new materials such as Acetate and Kraft paper, and I will be considering some less common ways of presenting. Additionally, I will be meeting with some professional and freelance photographers to discuss how to actually make a career from art and/or photography. University taught me a lot, but not how to actually make money. To follow me more, I post a lot of my progress almost daily to my Instagram page at itslangham

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