Week 2/4, Wakefield Residency

The week started for me with posting the films which I used last week to be developed. Sending the film to a lab gives me the confidence that they will be done to a professional standard, but the price makes me miss using the facilities at my University.

I explored Wakefield a little more this week. Every town/city has its good and bad areas, but I genuinely feel that Wakefield is increasing its amount of good areas. There’s plenty of new buildings going up, and old buildings being renovated, which is a really positive sight. And with its proximity to Leeds, perhaps it could attract a decent cultural crowd (if there isn’t one already).

The Art House put me in contact with a photographer named Andy Lord, who is a freelance commercial photographer. I met him at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds. It was the first time that I had independently met with a professional photographer outside of the University environment. At first I was awkward, but the meeting was really positive, and I took a lot from Andy sharing his expertise and experiences with me. David Gilbert is the person at the Art House who has coordinated this residency, and has been an infinite source of knowledge. Meeting with him this week, we discussed the areas of funding and approaching galleries with work. I won’t go into specifics, but the key points were to research and prepare thoroughly before approaching specific people and galleries with ideas and reasons for work. I’m pretty excited to write some proposals for funding in the near future.

Towards the end of the week, I visited my old college to do some negative scanning. I adore film, but 35mm isn’t offering me much besides accessibility and convenience. I need to stick to 5x4inch for it’s superiority in quality and technical movements. For accessibility and convenience, digital photography is best. Even after University, I am always learning and developing (no pun).

I also took a day to visit exhibitions in Birmingham. Contact Light at the Article Gallery, Metabolic Landscapes at the Parkside Gallery, and Martin Parr at the New Art Gallery (Walsall). All were excellent and exhibited in sophisticated manners despite the variety of locations.

Finally, I have rebranded my social media accounts. You will now be able to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest at itslangham.

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