Week 3 and 4, Wakefield Residency

Week 3 was productive for me in terms of development of a professional outlook on photography. I managed to secure a piece of regular (paid) freelance work, and I had the opportunity to shadow photographer Andy Lord for two days on a locational shoot. The thing I really enjoy about Andy’s work is that he retains a natural aesthetic in everything that he does. Using a minimal lighting set up and using obstacles in his frame, they have a documentary/street photography style to them despite being for commercial use. Being put into contact with Andy through The Art House has been one of the most useful outcomes of the month.
The final week was more like 3 days, as I wrapped things up quite quickly to go home and get started with working. I made a few prints, and some physical copies of my Instagram photographs. Instagram is so useful to me as an artist and a photographer. It is where the common popular experience with photography tends to exist now. Additionally, it is relevant and useful for self promotion.

This was my first ever residency. I found it so useful and different in comparison to my recent University environment, mostly because there was no set goal or end product required. The residency offered me a meditative time/space, to figure out a plan, be in a creative environment, and receive useful catered support (whether that be a discussion or training on equipment). Although I do value my time at University, the residency has been more directly focussed on my own development, and in that respect, I have really valued my time with The Art House in Wakefield.

Would I do a residency again? As a photo artist, certainly yes. As a freelance photographer, perhaps not.

For more information about The Art House and it’s residencies, visit their website here.

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